Monday, November 9, 2009

stencil with black & crackling embossing paste

Greetings, my friend. . .I want to share the image I have been working on. I enjoy using stencils with embossing paste. This is my first attempt with the crackling embossing paste and I think it turned out okay, even if I do say so, myself.
This first picture is the stencil using black matte embossing paste. When you have finished putting the paste on, with care remove the low tack tape that is holding the stencil in place, and put your stencil in a pan of water, so it can soak until you can wash it off.
I let the pasted image dry for about an hour. I'm sure it was dry before that, but I was doing other things in between.
I replaced the stencil, using low tack masking tape to hold it in place. Then I applied the crackling embossing paste, removed the stencil and put it in a pan of water, before the paste dried on the stencil.
For some reason, all the crackling paste did not crackle. I let it dry for several hours.
Then once again, I put the clean stencil one and taped it down with low tack tape, and then with my stencil brushes and stencil paint, I painted the design. After, I liked the coloring, I removed the stencil and cleaned it again.
You might think it is a lot of work, but for me it really isn't and I like to use my stencils with paste. Like I said this was my first attempt using the crackling paste. Most of time I only do 2 stages. . .apply to paste, let it dry and clean my stencil, let the paste dry, and when I am ready, I apply the stencil again and color the image either with stencil paint or I use my stamp pads.
I then distressed the edges and used my stamp pad to color the edges.

Thank you, for taking a look. If you have an comments or questions, please let me know and I will get back with you.
~~ Inkyhive


  1. I really like this technique! Not sure I will try it because time is at a premium for me, but it is very pretty. Thanks for showing us how to do it.


  2. Hi Inkyhive, I love this bear! Can you make one like the colored one for me and let me know how much! hugs, Jani

  3. I've never tried this technique, now I'm all curious to try it out!