Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A scene with Stampscapes

I wanted to share this scenic card, I made awhile ago. I enjoy scenic stamping and hope to get my scenic stamps out sooner, rather than later. Oh to have time to use all my stamps, much more often! In this card, all stamps are by Stampscapes. It was a lot of fun and it took a little while, but it really isn't as hard to do as some think : ) Do you stamp scenic scenes? Would you make a card like this? Do you enjoy receiving scenic cards? No matter what card you are working on, I hope you are having FUN and putting no stress on yourself.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello, from Shy Bear

I hope you are having a nice week-end even with the weather seeming to be more fall-like than summer or at least that is how it is today in Wisconsin. I wanted to share the card that I made this morning, while Mr. Inky was playing his clarinet. I really like the Shy Bear stamps and please know the owner, Della gets orders out VERY quickly. I stamped the shy bear image on a 3 3/4 by 5 inch piece of white cardstock and then I applied some green ink with a sponge to the bottum of the paper. I stamped the fence on some brown paper, cut it out and then attached the fence. I then took a grass stamp, flower top stamp and a vine stamp, stamping them in various places on the fence and the bottum edge. With a sponge, I applied blues for the sky and using a plastic template that I have, I made some clouds. Lastly, I stamped the saying. Afterwards, I layered that on black paper and then attached it to the brown card. The saying is by Penny Black and all the other stamps are by Art Impressions

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shadow stamping

I wanted to share a card, well two cards I completed this morning. I'm not sure what you call the stamp, but I call it an irregular edge shadow stamp. I found it at a stamp convention several years ago. It is by Copper Leaf Creations. I stamped it a couple of times for you to see the edge. I really like the backgrounds that it makes. I take 3 or 4 different colors and begin with the lightest color and stamp randomly on my white cardstock. Depending on how large your paper, depends on how many times you want to stamp your first color. Leave plenty of white to show. Then go to the next darkest color and radmomly stamp it and go ahead and stamp over some of the first color. Continue on to the next color, until till you like what you have. Then I stamp the main image, in black. For these cards I used a stamp by Northwoods.

On this card, I decided to cut the image into 3 parts and then layered it on a brown cardstock, trimmed around the edges and then attached them on a light brown card.

On this card, I kept the image whole, layered it on black and then attached it to the card.
I really like this technique. . .it is quick and easy and makes a great looking card, I think. I hope this will help you get some ink on those fingers and have some relaxing moments.

May you have a peaceful day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The 3 bears

Greetings friend, I hope you have found some time to stamp and create. I got the idea for this card, over at Paper Craft Planet. I was surfing the web, yesterday afternoon and came across this sketch challenge back in July. Here is the link, if you would like to take a look. http://www.papercraftplanet.com/group/sketchchallenge/forum/topics/sketch-challenge-july-25-2009
It was a fun card to make, very quick and easy. I don't know why the uploaded scan isn't as clear as it is on my computer. I do apologize. And, because the card is white, I put some copper paper over it to show the card better.
Both stamps are by AJ's Country Stampin' . If you want either one and have problems finding them, let me know.
Say, if you know how to get paragraphs to be typed on the blog, please let me know. No matter how I type, it prints out the way it wants to. I try double and triple spacing, I try tabbing, and nothing seems to work.
Thank you, for reading and may you have a wonderful afternoon.
God Bless,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Be Joyful

I wanted to share this card, I completed today. I'm sorry the scan isn't the best, though you can see the embossing dots 'a little'.
I used a ribbon punch on the white layer, then I used the swiss dots cuttlebug embossing folder, and then I ran the thread through the holes.
I then stamped my saying, which is from the HOPE set, by Our Daily Bread designs. Afterwards, I used my oval nestabilities and cut out the saying, then the yellow frame, and lastly the black oval layer. I adhered them together and then adhered to the white layer.
I know who I am sending this card to, but it sure can be for anyone, everyone, no matter what we might be going through. I have been having my own affliction this week and glad that I have been following Romans 12:12. I was brought to tears, filled with JOY and thanking the Lord this afternoon, when I went to my mailbox. He is always with us, no matter what we are going through.
hugs and Prayers,

Monday, August 10, 2009

no excuses :D

Happy Monday, I hope you had nice week last week. I have no real excuse, why I didn't post. I was busy and thought about posting, but thinking doesn't make it! This is a card I made on Thursday. The image I received in an image swap, so I don't know who the maker is. Any way, I thought it might make a cute card for my nephew and as I was cutting it out with my nestibilities oval die, the die slipped and cut the image wrong or not the way I had planned. Since, I don't have the stamp, I thought, WHAT can I do?!? Well, the light bulb, came on. . .so I cut the end to make it look like a bite was taken out of it!
I showed my sister and she thought is was very cute and said that James would like it, as he loves pizza!!! I took the card with me, when I visited with my sister on Saturday, as I was hoping my great niece aka the Inkette would make a few marks on the inside for Daddy. Well, she wasn't in the mood, so it is getting mailed without Inkette's mark :D Well, there is always next time.
The reason, my image didn't cut out correctly is, it slipped! I received my multi-platform from Sizzix, so that I could use it with my Grande Mark and the adaptor Accucut has to use with Sizzix dies. Any way, I was cutting, not thinking maybe, I should practice just a few minutes. You know, "that hurry" feeling. . .I don't need to practice, I can do it! All in all, I think it turned out okay.
My goal is to post more frequently this week. . .I hope you have been able to do a couple of cards this past week. Have you given any thought of a Christmas card. That is one of the goals I would like to accomplish this week. When I get one done, I shall share it with you.
hugs and Prayers,

Monday, August 3, 2009

Christmas or winter card

It really isn't too early to think of Christmas cards. I have been known to put them off till mid-November or later and I don't want to do that this year. If I made one here and there, I could come up with one that I could make several of the same design.
I wanted to share this card, I began over the week-end. I was reading blogs on Thursday night and I'm sorry, I don't recall what blog I was reading. The card I saw was beautiful, though larger than the A2 I am doing, so mine isn't exactly like what I saw. I liked the idea that this is not the usual color for Christmas. [Because the card itself is white, I laid it on chipboard to help show it a bit better.]
I have put the card, off to the side for a little while. . .as I decide if I want to add "Merry Christmas" or "let it snow", or something, on the front. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment and even if you don't have an idea, let me know what you think of the card/colors :D
Okay, I have to close for now. I have to go the PO to mail my care package, to my nephew. Thank you, for your prayers for him and I thank those who have written me, with your words of encouragement.
I hope you all had a pleasant week-end.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

M & M saying

I'm sorry the scan didn't show what the stamp said clearly.
Any way, here is what is says:
The Chocolate Lover's
Survival Kit
At the first sign of anger
eat a RED one.
eat a BLUE one to
minimize depression
To relieve stress,
eat a GREEN one.
If you feel a headache
coming on,
eat an ORANGE one.
Eat a YELLOW one
to cheer you up.
You can eat the BROWN
ones at any time.
If all symptoms occur
at the same time,
The stamp is made by Morning Star; check them out at www.morningstarstamps.com
Hope you are having a very pleasant Saturday and hoping you find just a little time to stamp today. Even if you only work on a card 15 minutes at a time, before you know it, you will have one done! I know many cards might not take that long, yet others may take some time. It all depends on how elaborate it might be. Please, know though sometimes we get stuck with what images we should use or what color paper or should I put an embellishment on or what kind of background, etc. . . and then we might have some newer stampers, who are overwhelmed. Just have fun, stamping is not to cause worry or stress :D