Thursday, October 28, 2010

2 cards to share

Hello. . .this first card I made for a lady who fell and broke her ankle and she is not to bear any weight on her foot for at least 6 weeks. In about 10 days, another x-ray will be taken and see if the bone is growing and what the next step is. The image is from MorningStar and I'm crazy about this stamp! I use glossy accents to make the cast 'pop', though the scan doesn't show it.

The blue or teal color background, is called faux corduroy. You brayer ink over a sheet of toilet paper and in person, it is very real looking!

This second card, you already can see is a birthday card. The lighthouse is a stamp and stencil set, from AJ's Country Stampin'. I stamped the Happy B/d image on vellum and attached it with Glue Dots made for vellum. Have you ever used them? I was skeptical, but the product works very well! I will be using them again along with vellum more!

Thank you, for taking a look.
May you have a pleasant day. . .

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Different Shape Card

Do you read Gina K's Stamp TV? The other day she shared how to make a Scalloped Oval Card, using your Nestabilities Die, to make a card. You can use any shape you might have. This is one that I did.

For this one, I used Labels Eight.

Thanks, from dropping in. I hope all of you are doing well and haven't been troubled too much with the HIGH winds and storms we have been having. The winds here today are much stronger than yesterday and I see some roof shingles on the ground. Not a good thing, however the roof is still on and that is a good thing! Well, back to getting some ink on my fingers and I share more, later.


Friday, October 22, 2010

I did make a card!!!

HI, I'm back again and I was able to make a card. The image was sent to me, so I am unable to let you know what company it is from. Nonetheless, I had fun making this card. I used my Copic markers to color the bear image and then I stipple the sky and water. I cut the image out with the rectangle scalloped nestabilities. The fish are cut from a nestabilities set or should I say a spellbinder set. The fish eyes, I acquired several years back and they are really used on fishing tackle. I really like them and must order some more, for I cannot find them locally.

Again, thank you, for dropping in and I pray you have a very peaceful week-end.

no stamping today

I didn't get a chance to make a card today. I was busy cleaning the kitchen most of the morning. And some parts shine! Then I made 2 loaves of Chocolate Zuchini Bread and does the house still smell good!!! The zuchini is fresh from our garden and though it is Fall and the weather is getting cooler, we are still harvesting zuchini. Then I had to do those dishes and since it is a beautiful day here, I raked a few leaves. I didn't do the whole yard, as I couldn't rake for that long AND with the wind blowing at times, I don't know how long the leaves will stay put. We put our leaves along the curb in the front of the house. The city comes around and sucks them up, but not sure when they are coming around. I also put some leaves in our compost pile. They will break down quickly and make good soil.

I hope everyone has a nice week-end and has some time to relax, enjoy the fresh outdoor air, AND get some ink on your stamps! I know someone you know, could use some happy mail. And, too remember, this is Pastor Appreciation Month. . .did you stamp and give a card to your Pastor, Reverand, or Priest?

Till next time,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sympathy Card

Mr. Inky and I received some bad news Tuesday evening, our niece's husband, was killed by electrocution earlier in the day, while he was working. As you might think, it is quite a shock and once again we are faced with not knowing how many days any of us have. All day, yesterday, I was thinking of and praying for Michelle and her daughter and I can't begin to imagine what they are going through. Please pray for them and the family.

As you know it is always hard and sad to make and send Sympathy cards. This morning, this is what I came up with. The tree image is by CC Rubber and the verse is by AJ's Stampin. I colored the soil with my Copic marker and the sky and water is done by DTP (direct to paper) I used a cloud template for the clouds.

Thank you, for dropping in and I thank you, for your prayers.

hugs -n- Prayers,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Do you ever do the spotlight technique? Do you only color one spot? Do you always use a circle? On this one, as you can see, I colored two spots and used a circle. Sometimes I use a square or even a puzzle piece punch. This image is my Magenta stamps.

I'd love to hear you answers and if you'd like I will post your spotlight card here, if you send it to me. Hoping you are enjoying this beautiful Fall weather and having time to get some ink on your fingers and paper!

hugs n Prayers,

Friday, October 15, 2010


Greetings: Amy and I had a very nice visit on Wednesday. Though we didn't get a lot of cards made, we had lots of fun chatting, work on a dimensional (layered) card using Flower Soft and I stamped some images. Amy finished her dimensional card and I still need to complete it. We are hoping to have another visit, before the snow flies. No, we don't expect snow too early, but we need to find a day that works for both of us.

This barn image is one of Amy's (AJ's Country Stampin) stamp. I do so like doing scenic views. First, I did the sun, and then did the sky and then the ground. The scenic coloring was done by stippling. After, I did the coloring, I stamped the barn in gray and then stamped it on a piece of acetate and then placed it where I wanted it and pressed down, giving the shadow of the barn.

I hope you all have a nice week-end and have time to get some ink on your fingers and of course your stamps. Did you know that tomorrow is Boss's Day and this month is Pastor Appreciation month, as well as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Those are some good idea for making a card, if you don't have any birthday or thinking of you cards that need to be made and sent this month.

Thanks for stopping in. . .

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beautiful Fall Day

Greetings from beautiful NE Wisconsin. Though we have been having more "Indian Summer" weather, I decided to share this card with you. I so enjoy making cards, using stencils and embossing paste. The scan doesn't show it too well, but I also used crackle embossing paste this time. After the paste was dry, I then colored with my stencil brush and ink pads.

I so enjoy the season of Fall. . .with all the different colors and smells and all the great foods there are to eat this time of year. This year, it is a bit odd, for some trees are past the peak colors, others are so brillant with reds, oranges, and yellow leaves, some trees have lost all leaves AND yet, we still have some trees that are all green and full of leaves!

Thank you, for stopping in today. I hope you get a chance to make a card or two, this week. Tomorrow, I am going to visit my friend, Amy and hopefully while we chat we will get a couple of cards made or at least begun!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

3 cards

No stamping today, busy running some errands and getting a perm. Here are a few cards, I have done recently. Thank you, for looking. Inkyhive

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm back

Forgive me, for not posting on Monday or yesterday. Last week, I had a tooth break off at the gum line, thankfully no pain, but I had a dental appointment on Monday. AND thankfully they were able to extract the tooth then and not make me come back later in the day or some other time this week. I had to have x-rays and an exam, as it's been a little while since I was at the dentist AND because I have to take an antibiotic before dental appointments (because of my knee replacement), they took care of every thing right then.

Yesterday, I didn't do much, as I was pretty wiped out from the extraction. However, I was able to get this card made. Over, the summer, when my friend, Kathy was here, we took a class on coloring with Copic markers. I love to color and I am hooked on Copics!!! I apologize that the scan isn't better. I'm not good yet, with shading or blending, but I am having fun nonetheless.

Thank you, for taking a look. OH, did you get a chance to make at least one card last Saturday? World Card Making Day! I sure hope so.

May you have a wonderful day!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tomorrow is World Card Making Day

Can you believe it is already, October 1st??? Where has the year gone?!? Do you all know that tomorrow is World Card Making Day? Yes, it is. . .the first Saturday of October is the day we stampers, we card makers have a day just for us! I hope each and every one of you, have time or make a few minutes to get some ink on your fingers and make a card. Then on Monday, send it to someone who could use a smile and to know someone is thinking of them.

Here is a card, I put together this morning and wanted to share with you. Maybe, it will give you an idea, for a card to create.
May you have a wonderful week-end and talk to you again on Monday!
hugs and Prayers,