Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall leaves. . .

I really like doing the Polish Stone Technique and I really, really like this stamp! This stamp is by Northwoods and a good friend of mine, gave it to me!!! Thank you, Kathy.

Do you like making Autumn cards? Do you like the polish stone technique? Have you given it a try?

Have some fun today and I hope you get some ink on your fingers!!!

hugs and Prayers,


  1. Very pretty card Inky! I am in Michigan right now and your card reminds me of the lovely fall day we enjoyed today!

  2. That's really pretty. I do like the polished stone technique and have used it often. I hadn't thought of doing it like you did though.. I have used it as a background mostly although I did use it a few times on a piece and then punched it out -- it was a vase punch and made a lovely looking vase. toni