Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sit down, relax,

Oh, my did it get Hot here today. It reached 83 degrees and what a change, a drastic change, from what it has been. We have been 20 degrees below the normal temperatures for this time of year. We even had 'heavy' frost just a few weeks back. The plants have begun to grow, but they are having a difficult time, as they need water.

I did want to show you a card, I was able to make, in between all the busyness of life the past day and a half! Just busy, nothing serious and nothing wrong : )

Both the tree and the saying is by AJ's Country Stampin The rest of the verse is stamped on the inside and it says, Put your heels up, and have an Awesome day! The tree is stamped on a silver glossy type paper and I embossed it. I colored in the bark with a marker. I then took a sponge and put the different colors on the paper. After, it dried, I trimmed my paper and layered it on black to have it stand out, just a little.
I hope you had a pleasant Saturday.


  1. Great card Inkyhive. Brings back childhood memories of our tree swing.

  2. Very pretty card, Inkyhive! It reminds me of sunset. I'll just bet the kids who were swinging on it have run home in response to their mothers' calls. Thanks for sharing!