Monday, November 8, 2010

The Never Ending Card or

. . .the card that goes on forever and ever! I visited with my stamping friend, Amy, today, more about that later. First, I wanted to share a card I made a week or so ago and I mailed it to my friend, Kathy, who received it on Saturday.

This first picture is the front of the card:

This is the 2nd fold or page 2. I have a stamp that looks like 'Hersey kisses', so I decided to cover then with aluminum foil. I think they turned out looking very real, except they are of course, flat!
this is the 3rd fold or page 3
This is the back of the card or fold 4

then you fold it again and you are back on the front of the card and thus that is where the name "Never Ending card" comes into play.

I went to visit with Amy today, who lives about 70 minutes south of me. Once, I got out of the fog, it was a beautiful drive and what a gorgeous day. It sure felt like Spring, only because it has been so cold here lately. . .more like Winter than Fall. We sure had a lot of fun chatting, laughing, and looking at old photographs. We both began a photo card, but I have not finished mine. So I am hoping to work on that tomorrow, though I would like to make 9 or so cards, for Veterans that I know. Thankfully, they all live close so if I don't get them in the mail till Wednesday, they should get them on Thursday AND. . . no they won't, since there is no mail delivery on Thursday. Okay, so I'll have to work fast tomorrow so they will arrive on Wednesday or maybe Friday won't be so back. I just got their names and idea yesterday, so that is why they aren't made yet.
God Bless you,


  1. This is such a cool card....and I know, because I received it! I have got to find time to make a few of these!!! Thanks, Inky, for sending me one!

    Hugs, Kathy

  2. I had to laugh about the kisses being is the cardmakers DUTY to remove the chocolate so it doesn't melt or smash in the mail! GREAT card!!!