Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shadow stamping

I wanted to share a card, well two cards I completed this morning. I'm not sure what you call the stamp, but I call it an irregular edge shadow stamp. I found it at a stamp convention several years ago. It is by Copper Leaf Creations. I stamped it a couple of times for you to see the edge. I really like the backgrounds that it makes. I take 3 or 4 different colors and begin with the lightest color and stamp randomly on my white cardstock. Depending on how large your paper, depends on how many times you want to stamp your first color. Leave plenty of white to show. Then go to the next darkest color and radmomly stamp it and go ahead and stamp over some of the first color. Continue on to the next color, until till you like what you have. Then I stamp the main image, in black. For these cards I used a stamp by Northwoods.

On this card, I decided to cut the image into 3 parts and then layered it on a brown cardstock, trimmed around the edges and then attached them on a light brown card.

On this card, I kept the image whole, layered it on black and then attached it to the card.
I really like this technique. . .it is quick and easy and makes a great looking card, I think. I hope this will help you get some ink on those fingers and have some relaxing moments.

May you have a peaceful day.

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