Friday, July 17, 2009

a few cards to share

Good Morning. . .first I want to apologize, I read a couple of my recent posts and have noticed I typed the wrong word. Isn't it funny [well not really], how we proof-read what we write and we don't see it, but later we go back and read it and it pops out! The other day when I shared about doing a color challenge, I wrote rick-rack several times. . .it didn't dawn on me, until I was showing the card to Mr. Inky last evening and then I remembered, I wrote the wrong word. The challenge wasn't using rick-rack, the challenge called for gingham - oh brother. . .
I am hoping to get a card or two made today, but what I really should do, is get a few cards ready to mail out! Everyone likes to receive fun mail, right?! It is nice to hear from the receipent that they enjoyed getting the card and to know someone is thinking about them.

Anyway, here are a couple of cards that I have made this week. Perhaps, one will bring a smile to your face and maybe give you an idea for a card to make. The first card is following yesterday's sketch challeng post.
And, the second card is done with the technique called Chalk Lines. Very fun and very easy. Here is the link where I found it. I enjoy watching Dawn's video's. I have been know to sit at the computer and watch her for a good hour! : )
"The Lord is my strength and my shield. . ." Psalm 28:7

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