Thursday, July 30, 2009

Do you like M & M's???

Do you like M&M's? Who doesn't right?!?! Which is your favorite. . .plain or peanut??? :D My favorite are the plain ones! Some time ago, I found the Survival stamp and yesterday I decided to make a card for my nephew's care package. I have a package of both, plain and peanut's in there and will put the card on top so he will read it first. Well, maybe, he will read the card first or maybe he will go for the goodies and then check the card out :D
To make the m&m's, I used a small circle stamp and then a small 'm' stamp. I thought I would bring the theme to the inside of the card, so I put some on the inside, too!
I plan to get his care package mailed on Monday. It won't make it for his birthday, but he has one on the way from, his Mom. We wanted to help spread out the celebration!
May you all have a beautiful day. Share a smile, for you may be the world for that person. God Bless you and yours.


  1. Hey Inkyhive, Cool card. I bet James will love it. My favorate M & M is plain although I do like peanut too. I couldn't read the card though? But I got the last line something about eating the whole bag! LOL I hope to get some stamping done this weekend. :D

  2. Good Monday Morning Inkyhive,
    Just checking out the weekend blogs, love the card for James and the one for Kate. Both cards are sure to bring a smile to their faces! Keep up the great work and the blogging, I enjoy checking them out in my spare time!!