Friday, March 4, 2011

a Get Well Card

Hello friends. . .here is a card, I recently put together. I had all the pieces, you know in one of my many piles and since I was sorting and organizing my piles. . .I knew what I wanted to do, when I heard someone was in the need of a get-well card. This is going to an 80 some year old gentlemen. He goes to my church, but also is the Uncle of a friend on mine. I'm not sure if you can tell, but I added a piece of real tissue to the box and not just leave the tissue space white! The image, I got s-o-m-e time ago and I made quilt look like paper!
Yesterday, AJ and I got together and we had a very good time! Of course, we did lots of talking and we are slowly getting better at getting a little more accomplished, but I did not get a card done. I did come home with several stamps that are new, by AJ and will be getting a few cards done this coming week. When I get them done, I'll post them here and give them to AJ. She needs some new cards, for the convention she will be going to in May. I hope I will help her sales!

We had rain this morning and the roads were slush and ice covered. Thankfully, only had to drive a couple of miles to take Mr. Inky to work. The salt trucks have been out, so that is very good.

May you all have a wonderful week-end and some time to get a little ink on those fingers!
Till the next time.


  1. Love it, Love it, Love it! I'm so glad you knew right away what to make. . .sometimes it is hard to choose and now you have used up pieces that you had. Great job, Inky and I'm sure the man receiving it will get a smile, too!

  2. You did an AWESOME job on this the kleenex in the box and the way the quilt on the image and the quilt on the background match!!! He will enjoy the card, for sure!