Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a new cabinet

On Saturday, Mr. Inky and I had to go to town and we came across this cart AND it was on sale. As I looked at it, I had a light bulb moment. . .perfect for border punches! When we got home, hubby put it together, almost as soon as we walked in the house. This is only a picture that was on the box. I do not have a basket of flowers on my. I have spent a few hours re-arranging and organizing AND one of these days, I will be finished, but for me, it is really good to be going through everything and I mean everything and every drawer! Tomorrow, I will do a little more and I would like to get a couple of cards made
and I need to get a few things together as on Thursday, AJ and I are having a get together. I have things planned to do and hope to get at least a few things accomplished. We'll see what all we get done, other than talking. But, hey, talking is okay, too!

May you have a great tomorrow!


  1. Oh Inky.....SUPER find! The cabinet looks like it could be great for a LOT of things....so if you get tired of punches, you can change it! GREAT organizational item! Love the color too...

  2. Cool, Inky! You always seem to find the really good bargains!

    Hugs, Kathy

  3. That's a cool cabinet. . .great find, I would say.